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SITHCP3 - Society for Integrating Traditional Healing into Counselling Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Psychiatry


Vodou Approaches to Mental Health Care


Antoine Derose – Program Consultant, CAMH

Dr. Eric Pierre – Honorary Consul of Haiti in Toronto

Belle Déesse Jr – Voodou Priestess, La Belle Déesse Dereale Botanica

Antoine Derose was born and educated in Haiti. He emigrated and settled in Toronto Canada where he lives with his family since 1978. Antoine received his degree in social work as well as a Certificate in Anti-Racism and Race Relations at York University. He is President of Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire, a charitable organization working in Haiti, is a founding member of the Council of Caribbean Associations of Canada, and is the Founding President of the Haitian Cultural Network of Toronto and the Haitian Association of Toronto. Mr. Dérose is committed to meeting the needs of Francophone Creole groups living in Toronto.


Dr. Eric Pierre is the founding president of Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire. He has been a practicing dentist in Toronto since 1981. He has been on the Board of Directors of The Chambre Economique de l`Ontario and other organizations. Since 1995, Dr.Pierre has been the representative in Toronto of his native country, Haiti, as Honorary Consul. He wishes to sensitize his fellow Ontarians of the plight, the hopes and dreams of his Haitian compatriots and to impact their lives in a positive and concrete manner.


Rolanda Delerme aka Belle Déesse Jr began to practice with her mother at the age of 15 as a spiritual worker and then, one year later, she experienced her first possession by Mother Dantor, mother of all Haiti in synchronization with Our Lady of Sorrows. She continues to work with her family and the spirits as a spiritual leader and would become Asogwe only several years later at age 35. She and her mother established la Belle Déesee Dereale Vodou, Vodou Temple, with the purpose to protect their inheritance as well as to build a better image for Vodou, so that people understand that these traditions and this religion should not be feared.


Date: November 29th, 2017

Location: OISE – Room 9-105

Registration: Email Ryan Aloysius at cdcp.oise@utoronto.ca to register

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