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An International Collaboration of Scholars and Practitioners
Society for Integrating Traditional Healing into Counselling Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Psychiatry
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The Society for the Integration of Traditional Healing into Counselling Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychiatry (SITHCP3) is developed to promote, encourage and nurture research on the integration of traditional healing practices into counselling psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry. The international society will serve as a reference group to researchers, health practitioners, traditional healers, and community workers interested in the interface between talking therapies and spiritual approaches to healing in counselling psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry.



New: June 1st & 2nd 2012, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

7th Critical Multicultural Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference: Integrating Asian Healing Traditions into Mental Health Care. Visit 2012 Conference Page.

Completed: January 4th to 6th  2012, Christ University, India, Bangalore

Second International Conference on Counselling, Psychotherapy and Wellness (See the Poster) and Third Congress of SithCp3. website: http://www.iccp2012.com/

For conference review and photos click here